Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is an innovative business option which enables a company to outsource the tasks involved not only in setting up, securing, maintaining, upgrading and maintaining a WiFi network, but also in configuring and deploying the same. The main benefit of this option over traditional WAN/ LAN setup is that it allows a company to retain the technical expertise which is possessed by the employees and eliminates the cost involved in maintaining a dedicated IT infrastructure. The services are generally offered by internet providers either for an annual or monthly fee. The amount of bandwidth allocated per client can be increased according to the client’s requirements.

The managed wifi option has many benefits for both small and large businesses.

Small businesses can enjoy several advantages like easy configuration, reduced IT costs and flexibility. It can also provide a business owner with better control over wireless networks as compared to the standard service which is provided. Large businesses may find this service beneficial as it enables them to manage their networks more efficiently as well as in a more cost-effective manner.

Most managed wifi access points are used by students who would need uninterrupted access to wireless internet. With unmanaged wifi, students will have to depend on free Wi-Fi hotspots in order to have a reliable connection. An affordable student housing provider can offer students Wi-Fi connections at a very cost-effective rate.

Major hospitals and corporate companies

Have realized the immense benefits which can be derived from managed wifi services. They outsource the task to an experienced service provider, which eliminates the need for the hospital staff to maintain, install and maintain the network. As the task is outsourced to experts in the field, the cost involved is also reduced. Another advantage of outsourcing this job is that the network maintenance is taken care of on a regular basis which is not possible if the task was done by the in house staff. Outsourcing the maintenance task helps to cut back on the operational costs and the maintenance staff of the hospital or company can be utilized for other purpose.

Almost every major hotel and restaurant have a wireless internet network installed in the cafeteria and at various other locations in the property. However, these areas are usually filled with employees and there is no available room for maintaining the system. Managed wifi solutions offer a cost-effective solution for hotels and restaurants to use their managed network in these areas. The only thing that is required is that employees and the tenants should have a valid photo ID in order to access the wireless internet network.

Site surveys are normally carried out before laying out a new retail shopping mall or shopping complex. It is necessary for a customer to have a complete idea about the entire premise before he purchases anything. The technical support company which carries out the site surveys ensures that the product placement and positioning are perfect so that there is no hassle while purchasing products or visiting the various departments. Management can also use the managed wifi provider for online services and customer services as well.

In student housing, the management uses the managed wifi for many different purposes. Most of the students who stay in dormitories or flats do not possess laptops or notebooks. However, most of them make use of their internet service providers to carry out research work. Student community centers need to regularly survey their sites to ensure that the facilities provided are still satisfactory.

  • Many companies offer managed wifi network solutions.
  • It is advisable to get quotes from several companies so that you can choose one that suits your specific needs best.
  • The technical support team at the internet service provider will help you set up any of the managed wifi networks after proper assessment of your needs.