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When your laptop gets a small tear in its LCD screen, repair the tear and get back to your work. A broken screen is the bane of laptops everywhere. Some tears because they get hit by something hard. The larger the object that lands on your laptop, the more likely it is to tear a screen.

Here’s what to do to repair the screen when you get a small tear in your screen.

First, turn off your laptop. If it is powered on, take it off. After taking it off, close the laptop lid to protect the LCD screen from external moisture.

Place a marker in the middle of the screen with one end sticking out a little bit and the other one inside the screen. You can use a small flathead screwdriver or a pen to make a mark. Be sure to have the wall near the screen handy, just in case you need to prop the screen up a little bit.

Remove the laptop’s power cord. On a computer with a CD drive, remove the CD and put it aside. You will need the cable to attach the new screen to the laptop, so disconnect this cable after disconnecting the old one.

Next, look for a wall outlet. Most chargers are plug-in, so you should be able to plug it into an outlet in the room where you are working. Place the repair part of the screen over the screen marker. Make sure that you have a good grip on the repair part, as you may drop it while trying to pick it up.

Hold the repair part above the old screen so that it sticks out from the case. You may need to turn the laptop to align the two pieces of the screen, but do not worry, as the parts will come apart easily. Once you’got them aligned, reconnect the old screen to the case. Tug on the screen piece until it comes right off the case.

Put the repair parts back in the case. Reconnect the old screen, screw the screen back into place, and reattach the case. You should now be able to power on your laptop and see your newly repaired screen. Reinstall the cord and continue on with your work.

Unfortunately, repair tears in laptops are not the only issue when you tear your screen.

Laptop screens can get dirty, and dust, dirt, and grime can cause your screen to distort or bend. Another common issue with laptops is that they get scratched. It’s not something that happens often, but a few times a year it happens, and you may have to replace your screen.

Even when cleaning a laptop screen, you must be careful. If you use rubbing alcohol, be careful not to spill it on the screen, or else the marks from the alcohol can damage the screen. You should also clean your screen using a soft cotton cloth and a cotton pad. Remember to wipe it with some lubricant first, just in case you have a sticky or dirty cloth.

There are tips that you can follow for when your screen gets a small tear in it. One tip is to use a magnifying glass so that you can be sure that the tear in the screen is actually there, not a sign of an item that will eventually damage the screen. Even if you don’t think the tear is real, it can sometimes be there, so you should check it out before you replace the screen.

If you’re replacing the screen, you should take a look at it before you put the computer away.

  • You should know that replacing the screen involves unscrewing the LCD assembly and replacing the screen.
  • Finally, before you replace the screen, be sure to clean the area around the screen with rubbing alcohol.
  • This will keep it looking nice and clear, and it will also prevent your laptop from being infected with bacteria from dirt and grime.