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Chrome books are no longer just for brides. Technology has made them a viable option for anyone looking for something very stylish and high tech. From the home to the office, they are making a significant impact.

Tech writers are frequently asked if they recommend Chrome Books.

The answer, in short, is yes. Not only do they look great, but they offer something the traditional books can’t: the ability to use the book like an iPad.

I had a Tech writer ask me what other “invisible” book they can use in his office. I mentioned I have a pair of Chromebooks so I showed him my computer. As you may imagine, the Tech writer was so impressed he said he’s recommending Chrome to his employees as well.

There are a lot of people who don’t like Chrome Books because of the color. The bright color can make a book almost unreadable. But, this color has been embraced by many readers.

I also mention a couple of the colors available now. Some tech writers will tell you they don’t care about colors. They like solid black or navy blue for business or businesslike situations. They don’t like bright colors on their desktops.

I tell them they should consider how much they can read on their computer when their kids come home from school and need their email. Bright colors look good on my computer, but I often wish I could use the same style of book I’d read with my husband. He prefers black with no pictures.

Many also find it hard to use Chrome while traveling.

I’m guilty of that myself. It takes me a few tries to get used to. But the time spent on reading is just as important as the amount of time spent reading.

You’ll also want to make sure the covers of your books are sturdy enough to withstand your kids play with them. Some are made of flimsy plastic. Just as they’re not too soft, they’re not too hard.

When we use Chrome on our computers, we don’t want it to be as sturdy as an actual book. Sometimes, a MacBook charger will dent the cover of the book. I find a cover will keep the book protected from scratches.

Chrome covers, with no images, come in various sizes. Smaller ones are great for the office. They’re perfect for people who like to use their computer without anything fancy.

  • In my living room, I have a normal-sized leather book with no pictures. As it turns out, I got it for the phone.
  • That was five years ago. I love the way it looks, but I have the feeling people would be less likely to read my book when it had no pictures on it.
  • What’s your idea of books? If you’re looking for something more modern, make sure you’re comfortable.